Online Business with Autoresponders

Online Business with Autoresponders

Autoresponders can do a lot for your business, whether or not it’s an Internet Marketing Business or a Brick and Mortar business. An Autoresponder is your automatic sales machine. It will deliver your messages and promotional material for you at whatever intervals you choose. A few things you can do with them follows:

• Deliver F~R~E~E Reports
• Provide Technical Support Follow-up
• Deliver Online Sales and Training Courses
• Deliver Frequently Asked Questions
• Process Online Forms
• Deliver Promotional Material

There are several kinds of Autoresponders you can use, PC based software is one, or you can host online your own script/program, and you can use an Autoresponder service. I will list several at the end of this article. I prefer the latter due to it eliminating many of the problems the others pose.

Some of those problems related to the first two examples are:
First if it’s PC based, your using you ISP service to send those emails out, many have limits on how many emails you can send, and if someone forgets they signed up to receive your emails they can trace your IP address and complain to your ISP. This is a real hazard when you import purchased leads/addresses and mail unsolicited emails.

The second example you are using a hosted script/software etc. and you also run the same sort of risks. Most hosting providers have limits on the amount of emails you can send. Again, you also deal with people who forget they signed up, and run the same risk with unsolicited mailings with purchased leads.

With these two examples there are several ways around the issues at hand. Using a VPN to cover your tracks with the first can help. You can also send a one time email, and not be breaking spam laws if it is requesting them to opt-in. Once they opt-in you are relatively safe.

The third example… using a Autoresponder service removes these problems for the most part. You have to pay a monthly fee. But if your using your Autoresponder correctly and getting a good ROI on your mailings, it should certainly cover the cost. No Autoresponder is the right one if you don’t know how to use them to make money, if that is your objective. Not everyone uses them for this purpose.

Autoresponders are great to have, as they are designed to automatically respond to any email they receive with an instant response. You can run an automatic series at different time intervals on a schedule and also usually do broadcasts for special deals and promotions as often as needed. They can save you a great amount of time, and sort of run your business for you when you are away, or even sleeping. You see the ads sometimes, earn while you sleep, Autoresponders are one way of that happening… though there are others, such as having ads running while your out doing something else.

You can also update your messages as needed within your Autoresponder. If prices change, Deals are no longer available, or a myriad of other reasons. You can change frequency of your messages/emails, and update those messages accordingly. When running your business, it’s important to keep your subscribers updated. It’s how your customers will know about new products and deals. If you have a good relationship with them, they will be looking forward to your new offers.

We will discuss more about Autoresponders, using them with lead capture/splash pages and using content, ebooks, free offers and more to generate your leads with them in the next post. For now let me leave you with some providers that we use. We use several providers for different reasons and projects. Some of these providers will give you free use of their service. There are some limits with them as to what you can do, such as importing leads, or how many subscribers, or time you can use their free trial. But you should check them out and ee what features you require.

Till next time have a look,
Robert – pinkham42

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Just a Reminder or 2

Hi Folks…


So I am not always real good at letting you all know about

updates to new pages. But check back occasionally as I am

adding them slowly:-)  Today I added another page for the


The second thing I’d like to remind you of is for you to

make a daily routine of logging into your TW back office

and going to promotions and sending your pages to

Social Media. I try to make this one of the first things

I do every morning when I log into my computer. It

works, especially if you have followers on FB and Twitter!

Even if you don’t the daily posting will attract people. The 

saying is that people need to see a post or ad 7 times on

avg. before they will click or take notice!  So, go ahead

and make it part of your routine too!!!


Have a Great Day!

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List Building, the One Thing!

Hello Folks…

Here is a 5 Minute Read that may help
some of you… depending how fast you
So I wanted to talk a bit about List Building
Almost 20 years Online Marketing, and it still
amazes me that people want Success, and want to
Earn Money Online, but, you still can’t get them
to understand the old ‘cliche’, ‘The Money is in
the List’!
‘List Building is how I was able to keep food
on the table for 15 of those years, and retire
at a young Age! And yes, there are ‘Gurus’ out
there that did it much earlier, but I also enjoyed
the Journey, or I would n’t still be doing it!
Difference is it’s more of a hobby now. The bills
are paid, no matter if I closed up shop, and took
all our sites offline! I really want to help poeple
get to List Building!
If you are going to succeed online, as every
Successsful Marketer, and Business, will tell
you, YOUR MAIN FOCUS needs to be List Building!
Everyday, Everything You Do, Should Revolve
around List Building and/or the Components that
make it a quality List. And, learning more about
it. I am still learning daily. There is only one
constant, that is, ‘There are No Constants’, in
Technology and Marketing too!
I know this was short and not really detailed.But,
I hope Some of You who aren’t Building
Your List, will get on the ball!

Our Flagship Site, Premium Leads Club is set
up to help you do just that. Why not check it
out, Join and get some free advertising and get
started building your List:

And in parting, Go Now, ‘get er’ done’ as
Larry the Cable guy used to say!

Have a Great Rest of Your Week!

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We will start adding Articles…

Hi Folks,

So we are getting closer to back where the blog started. We have some of the articles and posts still from the past. We’ll start adding them back, and maybe date them if we can. We’re pretty sure we won’t get them close to the order they were in, but, maybe they will be of use to some folks.

A low cost marketing approach – Email!
Email marketing is a very effective method when it comes to responsive, low-cost internet marketing projects. Because it is the most widely-used and has a reputation for bringing targeted traffic to websites. It is also used to stay in touch with your customers, or prospective customers, send out invitations, or make special offers.
It’s a great way to reach large amounts of customers in a cost effective way that will result in more sales and more traffic to your offers and website, if done right with the proper tools. Namely an autoresponder. Choosing a good service is very important. Some have much higher delivery rates than others. You can use email marketing for virtually any type of business or product. All, or I should say, almost all companies use it to some extent.
It’s as easy as writing an e-mail that may be in a form of a letter or a advertisement thats well constructed, and sending it to as many targeted recipients as possible. However, trying a hardsell on cold prospects will often not get very good results. One way of increasing the likelihood of effectively writing one is to be sure and have interesting and informative content in your email/letter that will benefit the receiving party.
One advantage of email marketing is it can be effective for
both large and small businesses. When it comes to regular
commerce, a larger company can afford to print up colorful
fliers and ads. Smaller businesses due have less opportunity to do this because of the expense if hiring a writer, or time if doing it themselves. It can also be done using software so even small businesses can create effective and professional looking marketing on at a reasonable cost.
Email marketing costs considerably less than other types of
marketing. This savings is after the cost of research, testing,
and sending the emails. Email marketing consulting and writers is usually less expensive than other marketing consultants. This means you can decide to save money, or spend more, but reach less or more prospects. You have to weigh the differences and do some testing to see what works for you and what kind of return you get on your investment,(ROI)
We’ll talk more on that in a follow up article later this week. and talk more about autoresponders and all the ways you can use them. This is the one tool you can’t do without to be effective in your email marketing. Automating your marketing and campaigns is very valuable in this area.
For now let me leave you with the service I suggest and use.
There are lots of reasons I’ll cover later, but I will let their site speak for them. Easily Create, Send, and Track Unlimited Sales Letters, Follow-up Messages, Articles, and Special Offers:
If you are a Visitor, the following link will bring you to one of our team members sites and they will gladly get you connected:

Till Next Time Stay Safe and Prosper!

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Just a Quick Memo….

Did You get the Memo…..

I love that line:-)

Happy Humpday!!!

So I believe we have everything close to updated and we

will be adding more. We also will take the Team FB Page off

pause, and start updating more there!

For Now We Hope Everyone has a Fantastic and Prosperous

Rest of Your Week!!!

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Hey A-Team Members

We are working on the Transfer:-)

The New Url for the Rotator is:


More Coming as we move everything from the old

site here!

Stay Tuned…

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